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Disconnected thoughts on why my concordances tool is not fun to use

Lessons Learned, or something

What makes a time-pressure game fun?

Lessons learned from building an Egyptian sentence learning app

A Spaced Repetition Algorithm to learn Arabic Numbers

Building a Custom Intra-Session Learning Schedule

Implementing a Pimsleur-style intra-session Spaced Repetition algorithm

...and a world map practice game

Is everyone using SuperMemo2?

A comparison of algorithms used by spaced repetition tools

Redundant Habits

How multiple habits for the same goal will prevent you from failing your goals

Forcing serendipity: How I build interesting connections between my notes

A UI prototype for creating deeper links in my personal knowledge systems

In search of a better Spaced Repetition algorithm #1

Thoughts on how to optimize my flash-card based learning

Dead simple authentication with Django: Global password, one user, custom usernames

Tutorial - Easy password protection for a Django webpage without hassle

An opinionated guide on building habits that stick

How principles from Software Engineering can help you achieve your goals

Can you simulate your users?

Surprising ideas from an ancient UX paper

Really old UX research #3: A new look at a forty year old case study

Even more lessons from Gould & Lewis (1985)

Quick reminder that the long-term/short-term memory model is not so black and white

Lessons from Ericsson & Kintsch (1995)

Really old UX research #2: A model for usability focused development

More lessons from Gould & Lewis (1985)

Understanding Great Signage #3: Surprising rules for you-are-here maps

Lessons from Levine (1982)

The cybernetic self-attention feedback loop

Lessons from Carver & Scheier (1981)

A foundational model of work motivation and satisfaction

Lessons from Locke & Latham (1990)

Understanding Great Signage #2: A word on architectural legibility

Lessons from Weisman (1981)

Where expertise comes from

Lessons from Ericsson & Charness (1994)

Understanding Great Signage #1: Floor plans, choice points and research validity

Lessons from O'Neill (1991)

Really old UX research #1: Designing for Usability

Lessons from Gould & Lewis (1985)

Understanding Accumulative Advantage

Lessons from Broughton & Mills (1980)

What a coach can teach a teacher can teach us

My summary of Gallimore & Tharp (2004)

What volleyball serves can tell us about becoming an expert

Lessons from Kitsantas & Zimmerman (2002)

Some takeaways from old school social media research

My summary of Taddicken (2013)

A simple and powerful model of motivation

My summary of Dweck (1986)

Beware designer/user preference differences

Lessons from Bonnardel, Piolat & Le Bigot (2010)

How much time do people spend looking at masterpieces of art?

Paper summary - Smith & Smith 2001

My 30 year old microwave has near perfect UX

Kitchen Appliance Usability

The ideal position for your shopping cart, and other outdated advice

My summary of Roth (2010)

Website's color research in 2004

My summary of Hall and Hanna (2004)

Leder's model of aesthetic appreciation in short

My summary of Leder, Belke, Oeberst & Augustin (2004)

Paper summary - complexity in webpages

My interpretation of Harper, Michailidou & Stevens (2009)

Paper Summary - Colors, Complexity, Prototypicality and Beauty in the Web

Hanchar, 2012

When Automating User Interaction, Think Processes, Think Muscle Memory

Lessons Learned From Automating My Personal File Structure

Only The Doing Matters - What To Do Apps Get Wrong

Lessons Learned From Building And Testing Many To Do Apps

Why To-Do Lists Don't Work Very Well

Better ideas to get things done

Mental Models For Queues In User Interfaces

Lessons from Spotify, YouTube, and myself

Building the World’s Ugliest DIY CO2 Monitor

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned From Building My Own Note Taking System


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