Kolja Sam Pluemer

I made a thing and wrote about it!

Summer Of Math 2021 — My experience building a small software project and publishing it.


I wanted to start this blog for years, but somehow, I never could. I encountered resistance. Of course, that was neither surprising nor new, but the levels of it were quite staggering.

In the end, external motivation did the trick. 3Blue1Brown, a math content creator I sporadically follow, put out a contest. Called The Summer of Math Exposition, it urged people to put out math content, especially new-comers.

There I was: Two days ‘til deadline, very mediocre math proficiency, and no plan. But I had a very real anchor to actually write a blog post, and with a time frame, too! Remembering that I actually had other stuff on my plate as well, I shortened my time frame even further to a single day and got to build. And I got a result! Taking on the topic of matrix multiplication, something I struggled with when I took Math 101, I built a small online trainer. Check it out here.

A more detailed write-up on the project itself will follow. This post is more of a commitment to myself and the world. Is there a lesson to be learned? I think that judgment should be held until the number of posts either hit double-digits or stall. We will see, but I’m eager and anxious to finally be on this journey.