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Kolja Pluemer

Solving problems with code.

IoT Safe Interaction Design

Conceptualizing A Microinteraction

  • ux
  • interaction
  • adobe
  • design
  • blender3D

The starting point of this project was the design of the lock icon (and the animation of it). Focal point is the communication of state and state change - locked to unlocked.



Demo of responsive web design
  • wordpress
  • web
  • design
  • html
  • css

Redesign and maintenance of the student organization jungblick consulting.

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Matrix Multiplication Mentor

My Summer Of Math contest entry

Screenshot of Matrix Multiplication Game
  • vue-js
  • contests
  • web

I participated in 3Blue1Brown’s (a math content creator) contest and put some math-related learning material on the world wide web.