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Unified Productivity App

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Ever found a new fitness app and after two weeks realized that you abandoned your habit tracker?

An inherent problem of user-space productivity tools seems to be the laser focus on specific problems (say, calorie tracking). Why is that a problem? Single-purpose tool work well within themselves, but few people manage to use several of them alongside each other, consistently. The tools that do unify several concepts (like Notion) often don’t eliminitate this choice fatigue. Instead the user now faces dozens of potential features and sub pages; a big reminder of all the things you ought to be doing but aren’t, all at once. This does not bode well with motivation.

Combining several needs and pain points I discovered via user interviews and introspection, I set about creating a tool that unifies a wide range of personal productivity aspects - learning, habits, todos, projects, reading lists as well as entertainment. Kaado compresses all these different use cases into a single format: the flash card. The key point here is that there is only one thing to do at a time: Either a todo, or a page to be read in a book, but never two things at the same time.

The app is far from finished, but definitely creates value as is. You can check it out right now, it is currently free.

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